Quiet Months

January and February are quiet months for the pubs about the town. Indeed they are probably the quietest months.

That’s why they are delighted by the boost they get when the panto is on. It brings people out between 8pm and 10pm in the evening and many of them go to the pub afterwards.

The panto crowd like to spread it out and have different pubs as the place to go on different nights.

The pubs reciprocate by doing some food for them.

Drink and a Chat

The panto goers can then have a chat about how much they enjoyed the panto over a beer and some sandwiches or sausage rolls.

And the pubs have some precious cash at a time of year when there is not much other trade.

Not only does the panto bring a lot of enjoyment and entertainment, it boost the town’s economy and keeps the pubs ticking over.