A mysterious hat was found over the weekend in the local bar, The Squealing Pig! Sitting alone in the ‘wee bar’ area on Saturday, it was clearly lonely, unwanted and possibly lost! Without doubt it certainly is a man’s hat and no one appeared to know the whereabouts of the owner on the said night.

Mind you, it’s quite possible that someone may have shot at this particular hat! It has a little hole, just big enough for ones finger to pop through, so might be just as well to leave alone!

However, two local men couldn’t do just that. Tommy the butcher and Golly G did indeed try the said hat on for size! Alas, it certainly wasn’t theirs! One can tell why, when you view the pics of these guys wearing the said hat on ‘craic on Muff’ facebook page.

Who owns the mysterious hat…will we ever know?