Bay Field

The Bay Field has been flooded once again this morning. Whilst walking along the River Row you can see the waves from the lough rushing into the River Bredagh and causing flooding in the Bay Field.

The whole area behind the near side goal is flooded.

Moville Celtic are asking for registrations for their new Water Polo team.

High Tide

High Tide was at 9:02 this morning and there will be another assault on Moville at 9:21 tonight.

It seems that the Shore walk has been hit but I haven’t been along to see it yet. There’s debris up on the shore but I don’t know of any damage yet and I’m told that the fixes that the FAS guys have applied have held up well.

It seems that this is not finished yet, though. There’s more to come.

Moville’s River Row’s defences are going to be improved in the summer – but that’s quite far off and the storms are now.