Songwriter Night

Moville & Greencastle Music Academy had a songwriters night in the Sean Ti last night for James O’Donnell’s looming departure as he goes off to sea again shortly.

I think he sees these visits away as a songwriting opportunity as most of his songs are written when he is at sea. Indeed it was pointed out to him last night (which he hadn’t noticed) that most of his songs mention the sea.

Local Songwriters

Appearing last night was a strong contingent of local songwriters with Leo McCauley and Martin Moir joining James O’Donnell.

From not too far aways was Marianne from the Terraways who brought her base guitar along and played along with a lot of the songs.

Up from Dublin was Angie McLaughlin whose band play the Electric Picnic every year and play at main venues like Whelans and the Mercantile in Dublin.

Angie was joined by local girl Gina Harkin who gave a great performance.

Also up from Dublin was American girl Nicole Braddock who has a great voice.

Rules Evolved

The rules changed as the night went on. First of all people were supposed to do one cover and one original and then pass on to someone else.

That changed to doing one song at a time but alternating between originals and covers.

But try telling musicians what to play or sing – especially when they are playing for free.

Eventually everyone just decided whether they were going to play a cover or an original.

It’s not practical when they say “I’m going to do another cover” to say “no you can’t. It’s not in the rules”.

Pretty Good

It worked out pretty well and that was the way they wanted it – and everyone was happy.

It was a pretty mellow night in the snug bar.

We must do more of them.