The last panto I saw was in Glasgow when I was in my early teens. I hated it and haven’t been to one since – before last night. It was too over-the-top

I was wondering if it might be a long night for me, if it was going to be a couple of hours stuck in my seat wishing for the end.


However, it was just the opposite. The two hours just flew by. It was great fun.

The humour was good and it wasn’t one of those over-the-top pantos like the one I saw in Glasgow, which I think had the Crankies in it.

There were lots of allusions to local people and local businesses that were greatly enjoyed.

The young girls sang very well and the little girls dressed as angels were just that – little angels.

All Great

Everything about it was great. The casting, the acting, the jokes, the scenery,  the singing – and the music from the band was great too. Indeed the music and the singing was one of the highlights of the night.

The panto engendered in the audience a feeling of togetherness, that this is a community. It’s the kind of show that you would go back and see again.

Tickets are fast running out, so you should get some before they all get sold out. It’s well worth €6 for an adult (anyone over 12) and €3 for a child.

Main Characters

All the acting was good and all those who played the main parts were magnificent. Liam Skelly cemented his reputation as one of the funniest people in Moville. The interaction between he and ‘Sir Tristan’ was one of the highlights of the show.

‘Friar Tuck’ got a lot of laughs too.

Another of the main characters Will (or Wally) Scarlet was played by a woman, played by Margaret O’Donnell, – and that worked out surprisingly well.

The Pantomime horse, with Shane Carey and Con O’Donnell inside had some of the funniest moments in the play.

Little John was played as a camp character which worked surprisingly well.

Bad Guy

Conor Jay, who played the Sheriff of Nottingham, plays a very good baddy – surprising seeing as he doesn’t get much practice.

Indeed he was so convincing a baddy that one little boy near the front was shouting to ‘Will Scarlett’ that the ‘Sheriff’ had Maid Marion’s money which was to pay for Richard the Lionheart’s ransom money.

And lastly Maurice McGeady and Cassie Lafferty were well cast as Robin Hood and Maid Marion.  Maurice was dashing and debonair and performed great and Cassie looked glamorous and acted great too.

Flew By

It was a superb night and just flew by. Get a ticket if you can. You won’t regret it. You may have to fight your way past those who have already seen it and want to see it again.

Tickets are now available in Gillen’s shop as well as St. Eugene’s Hall between 11am and 3pm on weekdays.