January was a record month for CraicOn.Indeed there were more than double the previous number of articles read than any other month. One article was read more than 9,000 times.

Here’s the list of the best read articles in the month.

Moville’s Shore Walk destroyed by storms 9,055
No Shelter From the Storm – Film of the buffeting Moville took 1,680
Martin Farren leaps into action over Moville shore walk 876


Definitive film of the flooding in Moville 859
Moville’s main tourist asset destroyed in a night 709
New pictures of flooded Moville 657
Mini Tsunami to hit Moville this evening? 643
10 Facts about new Caiseal Mara owner 579
River Row and Bay Field flooded as storms ravage Moville. 547
Two females selling ‘Pots and Pans’! 506
Caiseal Mara to be open by Paddy’s Day 481
Mary Deeney’s is open for business! 457
Rosatos to close 376
Moville’s Bathing Boxes before and after further destruction 324
Ten Luxury Flats in Moville for €150,000 the lot 323
Storm smashes its way into Moville 316
Top Irish Times journalist visits Carnagarve site 284
Sensational new film of Moville’s storm and shore path damage 275
The day my daughter got caught in Rosatos 274
There’s a burglar on the loose in Moville 271