I’ve got 5 tickets for tomorrow’s show. Unfortunately one person can’t go and there’s one spare. I’m told that Saturday’s show is all sold out as is the matinée on Sunday.

I must see what they are going for on eBay.

Even tonight’s show (Friday) has only 20 tickets left. If you want any you’d better get down there now.

Running Out

I managed to get another 5 tickets for the following Saturday for other guests coming next weekend -  but they are starting to run out too.

Last time I checked there were more than a thousand tickers sold but with no days sold out.

Because of the success of the panto that situation is rapidly changing with the weekend’s tickets now gone barring those for tonight.

Tickets are on sale every day at St. Eugene’s Hall form 11am to 3pm every day, Monday to Friday.


If you want one for tonight you had better hurry as it is 2:10pm as I write.

If not you can probably get them at the door providing they don’t all sell out by 3pm today. I would go early though.

Moville Panto – 1,000 tickets now sold