Caiseal Mara

I spoke to a spokesman for the new Caiseal Mara hotel last night about plans for the hotel. The new owner, Ciaran McKenna, was supposed to be coming up this week but has been in bed all week with pneumonia and is hoping to come up next week.

They intend to live on the top floor to be near to ‘the action’.

The spokesman said that they plan to run it as a family hotel.

Opening Day

The plan is to open the hotel by St. Patrick’s Day with maybe the bar and restaurant opening beforehand. However, the owner has said that “We won’t open till we are ready”.

Their 4 children will obviously live there with them.

Good Condition

Ciaran has his own construction company which will come in handy. They reckon that the some of the rooms need a bit of work but they are happily surprised about the condition of the bar and restaurant.

They haven’t been able to make an assessment of the whole building as they haven’t been up since they got the keys.


I’ve heard that there are those about town who don’t believe that it will open. I can tell them that it is a certainty that it will reopen.

The money has been fully paid and the keys handed over. It is not if but when now.

It will be a huge boost for the town when it reopens. The Caiseal Mara was the heart of the town. It pumped the ‘blood’ out through the arteries to benefit all the businesses of the town.

The ‘Scotch’ buses were eagerly awaited as the new visitors spread out throughout the town spending money as if there was no tomorrow.

New Money

This was new money to the town. It was better than that though.

According to Circulation of Money economic laws, every Euro brought into a town circulates an average of six times giving six different businesses got the benefit of it.

If staff at a pub got extra hours while they were here they might spend it on getting their hair done and the hairdresser might spend it on a meal out at a restaurant etc. etc. etc.

So, if a busful of 50 people came from Scotland and they spent €100 each over a weekend that would be €5,000 in total.

With each of those Euros circulating an average of 6 times that gives local businesses a boost of €30,000 – from just one bus.

Badly Missed

No wonder the Caiseal Mara was so badly missed. While it has been closed, businesses in the town have suffered and some have shut. Many of our children have emigrated to foreign shores. Property and business premises prices have plummeted.

However, the cavalry have been sighted on the road up from Dublin in the shape of Ciaran McKenna and his wife, and they will shortly be riding over the hill and into the citadel of  Moville to a hero’s welcome, as liberators from the terrible economic downturn that has had Moville on its knees.

And not a moment too soon!

Turning Point

The opening of the Caiseal Mara will be the turning point in the economy of Moville. Once it opens its doors you will see the economy turn around.

Not only will it provide lots of jobs but a whole load of new money will enter the town and circulate amongst all the businesses.

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