‘No Frontiers’ Book Club got up and running again earlier tonight. A group of avid book, wine and coffee ladies gathered once more to review yet another ‘read’! On this occasion ‘The Hundred Year Old Man who climbed out the window and disappeared’ was the topic for discussion. Written by Jonas Jonasson, this publication raised many issues! Was it believable? Were the characters rounded enough for it to be a good read? And most of all, was it worth the read?

The opinion of the nine ladies was varied to say the least. Some enjoyed the book while some others gave up and were unable to finish. A select few had yet to finish the book and were unsure as to whether they would take the time to complete having heard the mixed reaction tonight! But a good, varied group discussion, did indeed take place!

But whilst discussing the novel, a bottle or three of wine was opened. Copious pots of coffee were made, and lots of cheese was eaten! By the end of the night the question on everyone’s lips was ‘Why does our wine group insist on talking about books?’