Had I not witnessed it with mine own eyes, I certainly would never have believed it! Two local gals just happened to pop into McColgans butchers this morning at the right time! Just as fresh scone, home made jam and a fresh pot of coffee was being served up!

The shop is a centre point for social catch ups on a daily basis and one often remarks that a nice cup of coffee would be ideal at times. But one never expected it for real! Until today!

Thomas and Conor were both on hand, and allegedly up since 5am baking the scone and preparing the jam, to serve the said snack this morning! A delicious coffee and tray of scone, along with two seats, were awaiting as we called by this morning. And it went down well, along with the chat!

Perhaps the scene I fell upon on Monday last, where a local business man was drinking his mug of coffee, was the reasoning behind this mornings scenario! But that’s been forgotten about as a ‘special’ coffee was laid on today. Together with the whisky, it all went down a treat!!

Perhaps a full ‘Irish’ breakfast will await us soon!