In the aftermath of the storms in Moville the photographers and filmers were out in force.

Films and Pictures

Anthony Craig and Don McGinley filmed the storm and its aftermath as did CorMc. Eddie Harkin took the snaps of the shore walk path and its destruction.

We stuck those snaps of Eddie’s into an article which went viral and was read more than 9,000 times – more than 6 times Moville’s population.

We stuck the films into other articles which were again read more times than there are people in Moville.

Anthony Craig

Anthony Craig filmed the effect of the overflow of the Bredagh River and the damage at the back of the houses on the River Row as the storms pushed the water from the waves over the breakwater protecting the River Row.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. It seems that by the time that the Council roads & transportation manager had come down, out of his work hours, on the Saturday morning he had already seen the pictures and the film.

Senior engineers were asked to asses the damage and the cost to fix it and a €70,000 application for emergency funding has gone in.

It all happened very quickly because they were able to see the damage from their PCs.

Alan Kelly

I’m reliable informed that Alan Kelly, Labour’s Junior Roads & Transportation Minister, had already seen the films and pictures of the storms and damage here when Martin Farren lobbied him to get emergency funds money to fix the problems and he was sympathetic having seen the effects.

Also the FAS team were asked to come and do what they could to fix it almost immediately and have done a great jobs since.


Also, a couple of guys had been dispatched from the Government to look at how the breakwater at the River Row could be fixed.

They will be here this summer and the next building it up again and it is hoped they will make it higher.

I picture is worth a thousand words they say?

In this case it could turn out to be worth more than a million words if we get the breakwater fixed and the shore path fixed.


I bet that Eddie, Anthony, Don and CorMc didn’t realise how far and wide their pictures and film would reverberate and how influential they would be when they took the films and snapped the problems on the shore walk path.

Thanks to them we may not only get them all fixed but perhaps even improved as well.

Well done guys!

Better than a Thousand Words

Here are the pictures and films:-

Moville’s Shore Walk destroyed by storms

Photos by Eddie Harkin

Definitive film of the flooding in Moville

Film by Anthony Craig

Martin Farren leaps into action over Moville shore walk

No Shelter From the Storm – Film of the buffeting Moville took

Film by Anthony Craig.

New pictures of flooded Moville

River Row and Bay Field flooded as storms ravage Moville.

Moville’s Bathing Boxes before and after further destruction

Shore Walk by CorMc