Strawberry Jam

I like a nice strawberry jam. I especially like it when there are lots of strawberries in it rather than just being completely mashed up.

Any time my kids go to America they bring back for me a large jar of strawberry jam from Shartner’s Farm in Exeter in Rhode Island. They know I love it. I used to cycle several miles in summer to get some along with the home made raspberry and blueberry jams that they make – although the Strawberry is my favourite.

I don’t know why more strawberry jam makers don’t do that, i.e. leave some near whole strawberries in it.

On Counter

I saw the strawberry jam on the top counter at Gillens the other day where the home made jams sometimes are. I had a look to see if I could spot strawberries in it. I wasn’t sure. I bought a jar anyway.

It lay there for a few days in my cupboard.I just had some on some fresh Doherty’s bakery bread. And then I had another.

It was wonderful!

Lots of lovely whole strawberries all the way through it – not just two or three at the top.

If it’s still there next time you go in I would recommend it. In fact I’m going up to Gillens now to get myself a jar or two before you read this article and get there before me.


I’ve just been up to Gillens and there were two jars of the strawberry jam left. What should I do? It would be a bit much to recommend it to CraicOn readers and then take the only two jars left.

So, I took one and someone else can enjoy it too.

I’m told by Paul Gillen that it was made by Helen McIntyre.

There’s other good looking jams there as well. The raspberry looks good too as does the gooseberry.