Just after the storms of early January, a couple of guys from a Government department came down to the River Row. I was told who they were and went to talk to them. They seemed friendly and helpful.

I showed them some of the effects of the storm and told them where they could view videos and pictures of it (CraicOn of course).


They said that they were going to do some maintenance of it as some of the boulders that were in the breakwater originally would have been washed out. It hasn’t been maintained, it seems, since it was built in 1970.

As the water from the lough was actually coming over the wall and up to some people’s back doors it has been mooted that the wall should be increased in size.

However, the guys said that they had no brief for that, that what they were doing was maintenance and it would be done over a few years.

Good Time

This would be as good a time as any to get the breakwater built higher as they are going to be working on it anyway so River Row residents signed a petition which has gone to the Council.

The Council are sympathetic to it having seen the damage and the films and pictures.

The residents now wait to see what will happen.