It’s official, there really is coffee now being served at McColgan’s Butchers in the village. It’s become a focal point for many locals to meet and discuss the weekly goings on whilst buying the meat for the coming days, and I always said that a wee cuppa while waiting would be perfect. The Butcher (both of them) have always said ‘yeah’ that it certainly would be a great idea, but it never materialised. Until today.

So there’s special customers now! Hmm. Mr Harley is getting that little extra service in store. Both butchers and Mr H. were enjoying real coffee in real mugs this evening in the butchers. Perhaps they only have three mugs and that explains why one wasn’t offered while I was there!! Or maybe its football orientated….I’ll get the gunn(ers) out next time!

So while you’re out buying your meat this week and over the weekend, bring a little bun along, you might get lucky and be one of the ‘special’ customers like Mr H and get a cuppa whilst your meat is ‘ageing’.