IMF Leader

After insisting that we bailed out the German banks and the German taxpayers at the time, the former leader of the IMF, who used to come to Ireland with the other members of the troika, is now saying that we should have burned the bondholders.


We are now billions poorer because we didn’t and so many taxes have been put on us and so many cuts have been made and Irish Water is now being stolen by the central Government from local councils – and now those that insisted we paid up are now telling us we should have burned those bondholders.

That’s amazing!


Our leaders never seemed to stand up for the people. They like to act like poodles when their fancy foreign friends are around and do whatever they tell them to do.

Ireland now has a massive burden which is going to be paid by us, our children and our children’s children – and now those that forced us to pay are now saying that we should never have paid.

It beggar’s belief!

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