Unique Selling Point

Anyone who wants to market a business or product works out their USP, i.e. their Unique Selling Point and then work on getting the message getting information about it out to their audience.

If we had someone come in from the outside to ‘sell’ Moville the first thing they would do is find out the Unique Selling Points and then work out a strategy for selling them.

So, I thought I would put some, what I think, are Moville’s unique selling points.

1.  Bath Green

This is a tremendous asset that few other towns have and maybe none have. It is highly used in the summer. It attracts Day Trippers from Derry and other places in the north. When I came here as a kid, the first thing I did when I arrived, after parking my case and saying hello, was to run down to the Green to play.

2.  The Shore Walk

My brother-in-law from San Francisco, who now lives in Dublin, has been to many places in the world. He rates the shore walk from Moville to Greencastle as one of his favourite three walks in the world.

It is a massive attraction – especially for people coming over on the ferry. In most places the land in front of the shore would be owned by people whose houses are on it.

3.  Lough Foyle

This a tremendous asset that could be utilised a lot more. Even in peak season it isn’t used that much. When I first came here, I had been living in America for a few years and hadn’t gone back to my home town of Greenock for perhaps 10 years. When being driven from the airport I was astonished to see how much the ‘small’ marinas at Inverkip and Largs had grown into huge marinas.  lough Foyle is an asset that should be made to ‘sweat’ a lot more.

4.  Just Kayak

While it is not completely unique, it is unique to this area. Adrian does a great job there and it attracts a lot of people to Moville.

5.  DylanFest

I was hesitant to put this one as I run it but it is unique in that it is the only annual festival of Dylan music in Ireland. I’m told by the guys who come from across Europe to play here that Stuck Inside of Moville is the biggest festival of Dylan music in Europe. It is the only one that is multi-location, the only one where the music is both inside and outside and the only one that lasts 4 days. Most others are in one venue on one day.

As Dylan and the Beatles, according to Rolling Stone Magazine, are the two biggest music acts of all time, one doesn’t have to sell the brand. One has just to let people know that it is on and more people will come.

It has been held back in recent years by the closure of the two hotels in Moville but with the Caiseal Mara about to re-open with its 48 rooms it has the opportunity to grow again.

6.  The BeatlesFest on the Lough


7.  Rosatos

There are a lot of good pubs in Moville but perhaps Rosatos is unique in that it has won awards at national level being voted Ireland’s Top Traditional Pub by the Irish Pubs trade organisation. It was also given the Irish Pub of the Year 2010 award by the Sunday World’s Pub Spy.

Beatles road manager, PR guy and talent scout, Tony Bramwell,who has spent time in quite a lot of the world’s pubs, is a big fan and spends lots of time there when he is here.

8. Field Marshal Montgomery of Alamein’s House

Moville is the family seat of the Montgomery family and Field Marshal Montgomery was brought up here. After he won the Battle of Alamein, defeating Germany’s top general, Rommel, Churchill had all the church bells in the land ring out. After the war, Churchill said that before Alamein the Allies hadn’t won a battle against the Germans. After Alamein they never lost one.

This is certainly something that is a unique selling point for Moville but there are plenty who oppose it vehemently and so it is not likely to be taken up any time soon.

9.  Cooley Cross

This is unique site of historical interest. Whilst you never see big groups of people actually at it, it adds to the attractions of Moville – and everyone goes at least once to see it. If it was marketed more there would be more people coming to see it.


There may be more Moville USP’s but that’s the ones that I can think of. If you can think of any more let me know either through email or if you see me out and about.

This could be the basis for providing information for some marketing person to come in and shake up Moville.

For Greencastle the ones I can think of are the Ferry, the Lough, the Maritime Museum, The Fort and Kealy’s restaurant. There may be more.