Ciaran Keogh, The Keoster is in a new film that is coming out in selected theatres next month. The film is called Bravado.

It was made all over Derry and in parts of Donegal including Moville.

It has been covered by Film Ireland twice and by some newspapers north and south.


According to the website:-

“Bravado is a crime thriller that tells the story of Rebecca Kelly (Shauna Lawson) who is looking to get in touch with her estranged husband Martin Doherty (Sean Green). Martin has neglected his parental responsibilities and has vanished.


“Rebecca seeking answers; enlists the help of private investigator Christopher Swann (James McLaughlin). Swann uncovers a lot more about Martin than he ever intended and gets himself mixed up in the middle of a gang war with no easy way out.

“BRAVADO is currently in production, filming is taking place in the north of Ireland, including Derry, Killea, Moville and Letterkenny.


BRAVADO  features the local acting talent of Shauna Lawson, James McLaughlin, Hugh Barbour, Nina Valle, Johnny French, Ciaran Keogh, Jim Sweeny, Geoff Coke and Brendan Gallagher.

Here’s the trailer Bravado