Muff actor Karl McCarron was simply outstanding over the past two nights as ‘Square John’ in Here We Go Theatre Company’s production of ‘Square John and the ‘One in Six Theory’. Square John and the ‘One in Six Theory’ is a play written by Vin McCullagh and directed by Carl Campbell. This story is set in a psychiatric hospital in N.Ireland. The eponymous Square John has been a patient there for over 40 years. John grew up with thirteen sisters and was the victim of merciless bullying from them as he was the only son and heir to the farm. John’s ‘theory’ explains this treatment of him as the result of his sisters’ ‘weemin’s troubles’ and how it led to him being placed in the hospital following a breakdown.

McCarron’s portrayal of Square John shows how habits and routine become a necessity in existing, when institutionalised. He’s not mad, he’s simply a victim of his society.

Karl was not only exceptional in his acting in this production but his accent added to his character and he was consistent throughout.

Muff is a wee village of huge talent, and Karl showed just how much the village has to offer, with his role on the Waterside Theatre stage.