Moville has had a councillor for quite a few years. Carndonagh currently has none.

Before Martin Farren there was Marian McDonald. I remember working with her to get the White Wall in Bath Green back up and the Putting Green open. They wouldn’t have happened without her.


At the last election I gave Marian my first vote and Martin Farren my second vote. I would have liked to have seen two Moville Councillors.

I reckoned that Marian needed to get in on the first ballot as she was less likely to get transfers than Martin.

She was actually ahead of Martin on the first ballot but it wasn’t enough and she didn’t get many transfers. I had thought that would be the case – so Martin got my vote after Marian went out.

He came from way back to win a seat on the council because he got a lot of second and third votes. It was nail-biting stuff and a close shave but he made it.

So, Moville had a councillor again.

Two Chances

This time Martin is standing again for Labour and Mary McCauley will be standing for Fianna Fail.

It will be great if they both get in. It makes such a difference being able to see councillors out and about the place so that you can ask them what is going on or for their help in solving some council problem for you.

I only consider the job that someone has done and the policies they stand for. At local elections where the candidates come from is paramount.

No Parties

Parties don’t come into it at all.

I don’t even know what they stand for. I’ve never liked the idea of inheriting a party from your parents like you would a football team or a religion.

I don’t even know which party my father and relatives ‘followed’.

My Vote

I’ll almost certainly give my first vote to Martin and second vote to Mary.

However it would be awful if neither got in.

If there is someone standing from Greencastle they would get my 3rd vote.

Mary was declared earlier this week as a candidate for Fianna Fail.

Campaign Kick Off

Martin is launching his campaign in the Greencastle Community Centre tonight at 8:30 where people will have the opportunity to ask him what he is going to stand for and other matters, like what is happening over the shore walk.

That kicks off at 8:30pm.

Then afterwards, at the Sean Ti, starting around 10pm, there is an evening of Trad & Folk with John, Paul, Mick and Paddy.