Bathing Boxes

With the bathing boxes and what remained of the sand pit being very badly hit by the storms of early January in Moville, there was speculation that they might just get knocked down. After all they haven’t been used for years.

However, the good news is that the plan is to restore them.

There is even a suggestion that the sandpit might get restored too. I have to say that it is only a suggestion at the moment and it is more of an item on a wish list than a done deal.

Bathing Boxes

Makes Sense

However, it would make sense to do it. The reason that the bathing boxes didn’t get used in recent years is because the sea had breached the wall of the sandpit years ago and taken the sand away.

Younger readers will not remember it but the sandpit was very popular with young families and the kids used to go in there with their buckets and spades and had a great time. I was even in there as a kid myself and remember it well.

It was one of the major attractions in Moville and it was well used.

Kite Flying

It’s pure speculation at the moment as regards the sandpit but this kite is now flying and if the bathing boxes were going to be restored then it would make sense to restore the sandpit too.

I’m even told that the shelters along the shore could get a rejig and tidy up.

It seems that there has been a fund allocated for Bath Green this year and it is a reasonably sized sum.

Who knows, it didn’t seem so at the time, but the storm may be the best thing that has happened to Moville in a long time and may be the trigger for the restoration of the Green and the Shore walk.

Wouldn’t that be great!