Head Man

John Deery and the Heads are Derry’s top band. They’re so good that they don’t need to play cover songs. They play all originals.

I managed to get them to play a 45-minute slot at Rosatos for Beatles Road Manager, talent scout and PR guy, Tony Bramwell when he was here.

Tony was mightily impressed asking for copies of their CD to take away to distribute in England.


The only ones that I remember him doing it for, besides John, were the Henry Girls and my sister Angie’s Dublin band, the Sick and Indigent Song Club.

He took some of Matt Whoriskey’s as well I think. He wanted to take Moville & Greencastle songwriter’s contest winner Lawrence Hackett’s CDs back with him – but Lawrence didn’t have any on him.

“I couldn’t believe it” said Tony.

Anyway, here’s one of John Deery’s songs “Little Miss Blue” which I just love.

Eddie Harkin was very impressed too when they played there even though it was all originals. Maybe the new Rosatos will be able to get them back when they reopen.