In the past we have shown that the food in Gillens shop in Moville is now cheaper than Sainsbury in Derry for most things.

We also did a price comparison between Donal’s butcher’s shop and the meat counter in Sainsbury’s and found that Donal’s meat was usually cheaper than Sainsbury’s.

However, alcohol was still cheaper in Derry.


Therefore I was surprised to see, on offer, in Centra, that you could get 20 bottles of Budweiser for €14. I bought a couple.

I had the chance to see what the price was in Sainsbury’s a few days later.

Sainsbury’s was doing Budweiser at £12 – but that was for 15 bottles instead of 20.

£12 equates to about €14.50 at the moment so you could get 5 extra bottles at Centra at 50 cents less.

Centra’s Bud came to 70 cents a bottle whereas in Sainsbury’s it was 97 cents a bottle.


Sainsbury’s were doing a special on it where you get two crates of it for £19.

That was still 77 cents a bottle which is 10% dearer than Centra’s Bud.

I have to say that it was a special offer from Centra and not all prices are that low.

However, the 2 for £19 was also a special offer from Sainsbury’s.

Coming Down

Although it is still generally cheaper to buy alcohol in Derry the difference in price is coming down.

When you take into account the cost of driving to Derry and back and the time it takes, it is getting less worthwhile going to Derry.

By the way I also bought a bottle of Chilean win in Centra called Alterra for around €7.50.

Buying Chilean wines is a bit his and miss but this was really nice at a low price.

I’d recommend it.