Real Madrid are the richest club in the world for the 9th year in a row,  equalling the record of Man Utd. Man Utd have slipped out of the first three for the first time ever.

Here is a list of the Top Ten:-

Deloitte Football Money League

  • 1. Real Madrid: 518.9m euros
  • 2. Barcelona: 482.6m euros
  • 3. Bayern Munich: 431.2m euros
  • 4. Man Utd: 423.8m euros
  • 5. Paris Saint Germain; 398.8m euros
  • 6. Manchester City: 316.2m euros
  • 7. Chelsea: 303.4m euros
  • 8. Arsenal: 284.3m euros
  • 9. Juventus: 272.4m euros
  • 10. AC Milan: 263.5m euros

Source: Deloitte, Revenues in 2012-13 season

Liverpool have slipped out of the top 10 to 12th and Spurs are 14th.