Shore Walk

There was a worry that the shore walk path, which, in parts, was destroyed by the storm, might lie broken for years.

Now, CraicOn understands that won’t be the case. Martin Farren and the Donegal Council have applied for emergency funding from the Government for €70,000 to fix the shore path.

It will be known in the next few days whether that application has been successful.

Funds Found

However, even if it is not, Donegal Council have determined that the funds will be found somehow to fix the shore walk path and that it will be fixed by the summer.

The FAS guys have been tremendous so far but they may, or may not, have the tools and machinery to be able to do everything – especially at the far end after the seats, just before the shore path ends.

They have been helped by people who live on the shore who have allowed them to take tools and machinery through their properties. It would have been a major logistical problem if they hadn’t given that permission.

The community has come together over the shore path.

The good news is that it is confirmed tha the shore walk path will be fixed.

That’s very good news indeed!

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