Handbags and Shoes

They are things that women prize highly and spend a great deal of money on. Indeed I remember a niece of mine who came over from Scotland with her friends and stayed the weekend with us. She brought 14 pairs of shoes with her.

This is something that is incomprehensible to men but may be understood a bit more by women – although they would still probably think it was on the high side,


I’ve asked quite a few men if handbags and shoes are among the things that they looked at when a woman walked in the door at say Rosatos.

To a man they say they don’t notice them at all.

I’ve put this to a few women but they say that it is all part of the overall effect and that the men do notice the handbag and shoes even if they are not conscious of it.

When I’ve put that to men they have tended to be a bit scathing about that.

One guy said “Even if I spent a whole evening talking to a girl I probably wouldn’t even be able to tell you what colour her shoes were”.

Shoo Choo

So, according to guys, even an expensive pair of Jimmy Choo shoes wouldn’t even be noticed by them.

Girls argue that they are not necessarily dressing for men but to feel good about themselves and even for the admiration of other girls.

There may be an element of that but it is hard to believe girls spend two or three hours in front of the mirror preparing to go out of a night hoping that other girls would think they looked good and that they couldn’t really give a toss what men thought of how they looked.


Most men are a little bamboozled by the amount of money and thought that goes into shoes and handbags when they see them of so little importance in how they perceive a woman looks.

I would bet that, in terms of the number of times that a girl has been told “That’s a nice handbag” or “that’s a nice pair of shoes” by a guy (a heterosexual one anyway) the percentage would be very low.

It’s not that shoes or handbags are a turn-off for guys, from what they say, they just don’t notice them. They don’t do anything for them at all, they say.

Never Said

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a guy say when their eye is turned by a girl, “she’s cute – and look at that handbag – and what a pair of shoes.”

So, what do men notice then when an attractive woman walks into Rosatos on a Saturday night?

I’ll leave that for another article.

I’m sure there are things that guys think are important as far as attracting women  is concerned but women see them as either unimportant or even a turn-off.

If I knew what they were, I think I might have done better over the years – but I may well hear soon.