Shore Path

It was a terrible storm that destroyed major chunks of Moville’s shore walk path. You had to scramble over rocks and sand if you wanted to make it to Lafferty’s Lane or even on to Greencastle.

But while the politicians talk and the funding applications have gone in the FAS guys have got steadily on with it.

They started at the Stile which was looking very dodgy, with the paving stones buckled and it looked a bit dangerous to cross. We previously reported that this had been fixed and tarmacked over.

Small Problems

I was thinking that maybe they could fix some of the smaller problems and wait to see if there was funding to fix the bigger problems where the shore path had been completely washed away.

If we didn’t get the funding the shore path may well stay impassable for years , I thought.

The 3 main problems are:-

1.  At the Greencastle end where the seat is, just before the end of the path, that has just been completely destroyed.

shore path 5

2.  Secondly there is a section of path about half way to Lafferty’s Lane about 40 metres long which has been destroyed.

Shoe path 1

3.  Thirdly there’s also a shorter section just past the bathing boxes and round the next corner where the path had completely collapsed and it was not passable except by clambering over the rocks below.

Shore Walk after the storms of 2014

Major Problems

Those appeared to be the intractable problems that couldn’t be fixed by the FAS guys, I thought. In fact, they, themselves, said it would need a machine to fix some of the big ones.

I said this to someone else who said “No, some of those FAS guys are very highly skilled. They could fix it all right”.

I don’t know if the person saying that knew the extent of the problem.

Getting Fixed

However, I went back again today and saw that the third problem I stated above was well on the way to being fixed. It was completely filled in and all it needed was a top coating.

They were working their way along the shore from the Moville end fixing not just the major problems but a lot of the minor problems as well. They’re making themselves very busy beavering away on the shore path.


In today’s Inishowen Independent, Councillor Martin Farren said of them “they have done a very professional job and I am very lucky to have them in my area”.

I think we would all agree with that, and those Movillians abroad and our regular visitors have been keeping in touch with what has been going on as regards the shore walk.

Indeed our initial article showing the damage, with pictures from Eddie Harkin, has been read more than 9,000 times – more than triple the combined populations of Moville and Muff.

A picture truly is better than a thousand words.

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