Tony Kelly

I see from some of the local newspapers this week that Tony Kelly, from Greencastle, met and had his picture taken with Muhammed Ali.

It seems that Tony now lives in Louisville, Tennessee, from whence Ali originated. Indeed they used to call him the ‘Louisville Lip’ (Ali rather than Tony).

It seems that Tony was working just across the road from Ali’s house. His workmates told him but he didn’t believe them at first.

Cheek of the Devil

So, with a lot of chutzpah, Tony walked over and just knocked on the door. Ali’s wife appeared telling him that Ali was not quite ready and to come back in an hour.

Hardly believing his good luck Tony cane back in an hour and both met Ali, had a chat with him telling how big a fan he was of his and getting his picture taken with him.

It seems that he was luckier still as Ali was not in that house very often.

Sheer Gallus

There’s an expression in Scotland called ‘gallus’. It doesn’t quite translate into ‘English’ with all the connotations of the word. I suppose chutzpah might explain part of it.  Cheek would be a very weak way to describe it.

There’s no negative connotations to Gallus. When people describe someone as Gallus it is always with a smile at their effrontery, confidence etc.

To be called Gallus in Scotland is a big compliment. To be classed as ‘Sheer Gallus’ is a huge compliment. Someone described this was would be looked up to and admired by both guys and girls.

That day in Louisville, Tony was Sheer Gallus!

Ali would have admired that in him.

After all he was Sheer Gallus himself!