In fact, Moville looked great on the TV tonight and the shore looked magnificent. There was some great camerawork. They filmed from some great angles and took some great shots.

Even though I couldn’t understand any of it, Dr. Don McGinley sounded very convincing.

I had assumed that it would be about the proposed sewage treatment plant.


I was able to get this running commentary from Trudi McLaughlin even as he spoke.

She could get a job as a commentator.

Here’s Trudi’s translation for me:-

“We are here in Moville in Inishowen where the shite of the town flows into the river Foyle . Dr Don McGinley joins me now to tell us about the controversy that is causing a stink in this seaside town.

“”Well the situation at the moment is that it’s getting harder for the rowing club to navigate the Foyle, we have about 30 members and we row up the river and down the river and sometimes we row to Scotland.

“But with the seasickness mixing with the crap here in the Foyle it’s making it harder to row through it”.”

Thanks for that Trudi. You brought it to life for me.

Trudi tells me she is fluent in Irish and can also get by in English.