Fraud Attempt

I got the following email this morning:-

“Dear Customer ,

Please note that Your Bank of Ireland 365 online access is about
to expire.

To prevent this from happening we must verify your identity.

In order to do this we require you to download and confirm your
personal information.”

There is an attachment.

Obvious Fraud

This is an obvious fraud attempt.

For one thing, the big banks never ask you to give information online by email as they know it is not secure.

Secondly, I don’t even have a Bank of Ireland account.

Bank of Ireland

However, there are people in Moville & Greencastle and round the area who do have Bank of Ireland accounts and may take this to be a serious email.

If you get this email put it in your trash immediately. It is not from the Bank of Ireland but from someone trying to get your account details to defraud you and take all your money out of your account.