Gay Marriage

A UK Independence Party have just suspended a prominent member for saying that the recent storms and flooding were caused by the UK’s adoptance of Gay Marriage.

So, I said to my children, “How come that Moville had terrible damage from the recent storms which destroyed its celebrated shore walk path then. There’s not been any gay marriages, that I am aware of,  in Moville which may have caused the storms.

Brian Barr

Then I realised that the registrar for Derry, Brian Barr lives in Moville. I remember him telling me one time, disappointedly, that he just missed out on officiating at the first ever UK gay marriage when the gay couple fell out and someone else got in first.

They subsequently made up and he married them.

Could the UKIP councillor be right? Is this what caused Moville’s storms and flooding.

Was the Lord punishing Brian Barr and the people of Moville?

Is Moville still in future danger from Brian’s activities?

Health Warning

CraicOn Health Warning – This article is tongue-in-cheek. It is poking fun at UKIP and other bigots.