Warm Evenings

There’s always a warm fire in the Sean Ti this time of year and it’s a fitting background to a major trad seisun on Saturday night there.

All the big guns will be there, Paddy the Shoe,  John Collins, Paul Sloane and Mick. If you’ve got a tin whistle bring it along and join in as it is open to all – like a trad seisun should be.


It’s  a great bar for a trad seisun. Kevin Sean Ti has even been known to sing a song or two if the mood takes him.

He’s a trad and Beatles fan – but also likes the sound the till makes too on a busy night.

If you can sing, come along and either sing along with the others or do a solo. It’s very relaxed, very warm and very mellow – and the drink and the craic flow all night.