The QPS first team, and a number of supporters left Muff this morning at 6.45am to make the long trip to Carlow for the latest match in the FAI Junior Cup. The lads have been preparing for the game for some time now and were looking forward to the challenge that awaited them in Carlow.

The local squad clearly played their hearts out in the game today and did QPS and Inishowen football proud. They were behind 3.1 at one stage and came back to finish at 4.4 after extra time. Dedication and great team work were paramount on the pitch at Carlow IT. Goals came from Paul Grant, Mickey Nicholas and Karl Donnelly. The game then went to sudden death penalties and the local lads were very unfortunate being beat by 5.4. However, penalties are always pot luck and some you win, and others, well, you live to play another day!

The lads are at present embarking on the long journey home. Having spoke to some of the boys on the bus just a short while ago, there’s definitely alot of noise and a great deal of banter going on. No doubt a wee tipple or three has been had or is indeed being had en route home.

Very hard luck to all the players, managers and supporters who made the trip today. But many congrats on a game well played and a team spirit showcased. Heads up, the next game is approaching. For now, safe travelling one and all!