American Football

I was in America before I came to Moville. I lived in New England so my teams were New England Patriots at American Football, Boston Red Sox at baseball, the Boston Celtics at basketball and the Boston Bruins at ice hockey.

I continued to follow especially American football when I came here. I liked baseball as well but they didn’t show much of it on the TV here.


I was one of the few who followed American Football in Moville in those days. However, there are quite a few now. The games are shown on Sunday nights in Maguires Bar.

There’s quite a crowd go there on Sunday nights now. Perhaps only Man Utd of the football teams could attract a bigger crowd.

Tonight is a big night. It is the Conference Finals in the playoffs with the winners going through to the Superbowl.

Patriots v Broncos

My team the Patriots are playing the Denver Broncos. Possibly the two finest quarterbacks of all time match up here, three-time Superbowl winner Tom Brady of the Patriots against Peyton Manning, who has won the Superbowl once but holds most of the records for quarterbacks.

The Broncos start favourites especially as they have home advantage but the Patriots came back earlier in the season from 24 points down at half-time to beat them – although tha Patriots were at home then.

Mile High

Home advantage could be crucial to the Broncos at the Mile High Stadium where the air is thin if you are not used to playing there.

The later game matches up the Superbowl favourites Seattle with San Francisco.

It should be some night in Maguires.