For the purposes of this, we are counting just the Irish websites. For instance is Ireland’s busiest websites but google is not a specifically Irish website.

We are using the Alexa rankings. Alexa ranks all websites in the world both by country and worldwide.

So, here’s the top 20 Irish Websites and their ranking (in brackets) in Ireland when you included the non-Irish websites like google, Amazon, ebay etc.

Alexa Rankings

1. (11th)

2. (12th)

3. (13th)

4. (16th)

5.  (18th)

6. (19th)

7. (21st)

8. (24th)

9. (34th)

10. the journal,ie (37th)

11. (39th

12. (40th)

13. (45th)

14. (60th)

15. (61st)

16. (68th)

17. (71st)

18. (78th)

19. (80th)

20. (82nd) is ranked currently 566th in Ireland including all websites, i.e. including websites like google and Amazon.

If you want to see CraicOn’s ranking or to see where your favourite website ranks worldwide and in Ireland, click on Alexa Website Rankings