I could lie and say I’m a Westlife fan, but lies I can’t do! (that statement has been attacked once, but unfortunately I just can’t tell even a ‘white’ one). And it certainly isn’t a lie when I say that I did have the privilege of meeting the folks in Derry’s press room tonight from the ‘Hear the City Sing’ event. And headlining that was Westlife’s Shane Filan.

A very down to earth chap he certainly is and he chatted and mingled with everyone in the Guildhall this evening. He even posed for some ‘selfies’ with certain prominent people, who shall remain anonymous! I did manage to contain myself from taking a ‘selfie’ as it just isn’t for me! (However should I interview Bryan Adams at Westport in June, selfies will be at the fore of the occasion!)

Shane headlined the first event of Derry’s ‘Music City 2014’ event and had the Derry audience in the palm of his hands. Young and old alike were shouting for ‘more’. Alongside local groups, ‘The Clameens’ and ‘Little Bear’, Shane Filan helped show just what an amazing musical city, Derry really is.

Being Muff residents we are very fortunate to be just a short trek away and will avail of all the forthcoming events that are coming our way. Here’s to each and every one of them!