At our household we decided to all get a takeaway as it was the end of the week and we couldn’t agree what I should make. I ordered haddock ‘n chips for the 4th time this week from Biddy’s – and my daughter wanted an India.

I was tasked with going up for it as I wasn’t cooking. I’m not sure of the logic of that as I was also paying – but my children were quite convinced that it was only fair.

She called half a dozen times over twenty minutes before ordering something from Biddy’s.

Pop In

I thought that I would pop up to the Indian to tell them they may have a problem, on my way to Biddy’s.

However, it was dark. When I went over to the door it said it was shut from January 13th to February 8th (or it may have been the 9th).

So, there’s no point in calling them up.

They are not there – but they will be back in February.

It may be an Indian holiday – or maybe they just see it is a slack time of the year.