Moville Storm

The River Row, the Bay Field and the shore path were worst hit and in the most danger from the storm of January 3rd – perhaps the worst storm to hit Moville.

The shore path, which had been there for 70 years, was destroyed. It’s reckoned it will take almost €60,000 to fix it.

Now there’s a sensational new film of the storm and the aftermath of the storm taken by Anthony Craig, Moville’s chronicler of big events.

It shows both Moville & Greencastle.

You should click on Film of Moville’s Storm to see it.

Not At Its Worst

You should also remember that this was taken more than an hour after high tide that day which was 7:50am when it was still dark. No one knows how bad it was then and how much more danger those living on the shore were in.

I was up at 7pm that morning typing away on my PC unaware that I was almost completely surrounded by water from the Bredagh River which was flowing down the River Row outside my house and from the water waves on the Lough which was encroaching on the land and was pouring down some gardens.

That’s was probably for the best as it was starting to recede by the time I looked out the window at 9pm. I was more than a little surprised.

Shore Path

Martin Farren and the Council have applied for almost €60,000 from the Government’s emergency fund and are waiting to see if we get it.

If we don’t, God knows when the shore walk will get fixed.

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