Robin Hood

Many people have been raving about the new panto, Robin Hood, which opened in Donegal County Council’s offices last Monday. “It had everything” said one panto goer.

It stars Councillor John Campbell and is about a man who was born noble but changed sides with a new policy of robbing the rich to help the poor.

Took from the Rich

‘Robin’ recently waylaid Donegal Council and ‘robbed’ Donegal Councillors of €10,000 of their foreign travel allowance, took €16,525 from the Mayor and Deputy Mayor  from their council allowance, grabbed €8,000 from the councillors’ civic receptions allowance, another €5,000 from Donegal councillors from their home travel allowance and €34,000 from the Council Chairperson’s strategic policy committee allowance.

Gave to the Poor

‘Robin’ gave €25,000 of the money to Donegal’s GAA players and another €50,000 to the people to buy books.

Starring as Maid Marian, who was highborn but walked out on her own kind, will be Rena Donaghey.

Another of the cast is “Little John” Ryan who fought with Robin when he first met him before becoming a firm ally.

Playing the evil King John was Enda Kenny who taxed the people till they could take it no more.

Starring as the Sheriff of Nottingham was Phil Hogan who was so cruel and heartless that he even made the people pay to drink water.

Amongst the Merry Men were Martin Farren, Barry O’Neill, Frank McBrearty and Ian McGarvey.


“Look behind you” shouted the audience as Fianna Fail and Sinn Fein sidled out for their break.

“Where’s Marian?” said those at the high table at the castle – but the audience knew where she had gone. “She’ll be back  amongst her own kind soon” said those at the high table – but the audience knew she wouldn’t. No matter how hard they tried, those at the high table couldn’t find Marian.

The audience knew that Marian was allowed to slip out of the castle earlier by Ciaran a’Brogan.

It was classic panto.

The panto at the Council Chambers is all people are talking about around here. If you want to vote on your favourite characters you’ll get your chance at the end of May.

In the meantime tickets will be available for the Moville panto, Robin Hood, on Saturday, January 25th from 11am to 4pm at St. Eugene’s Hall.