May McLaughlin (nee Rutherford), Clunelly, is no stranger to craicon Muff. Her birthday has been here before and she’s been interviewed for many an occasion. But today is yet another occasion to give her this wee mention. She turns 94 years young this very day. And I use the word ‘young’ intentionally! One would imagine that at 94 years of age, she might be a frail old lady. But not our May! An agile, energetic and rather modern woman she surely is.

If you missed breakfast May will be only to willing to put on some extra. And it’s never just a cup of tea! Lunch and dinner is much the same. One can often pop in to say a quick hello and find her kitchen a hive of activity with locals enjoying a wee bite to eat. Her kitchen was aptly named ‘May’s Diner’ on her 90th birthday, and it remains such today.

Her daily homemade scone is second to none. This lady is still baking and cooking away to her hearts content. A better baker of scone bread you won’t find in Donegal! (That should ensure I get a wee scone delivered for the weekend!)

And if it’s music, song and chat you are seeking, then it’s to May’s once more. Not a more musical 94 year old could you come across. A selection of songs and recitations are always on her lips. And don’t even think of interrupting her, or you’ll run faster down that avenue that you could possibly imagine! She’ll be as quick off that chair to shush you and you’ll not interrupt again! A real entertainer May has always been.

In recent years since turning 90, May has appeared in a number of publications around the world, including Australia and America. People have read about her interesting life across the globe. But home is home, and what better place to read about this amazing lady is right here!

But perhaps more important than any of these attributes, is May’s way of making everyone feel at home. She is always there ready with the best possible advice. Having lived such a long life, she has seen so much and experienced so much in that time. Her recollections of years gone by would keep one entertained for hours. She welcomes everyone into her home and she has such a motherly way that you just don’t want to leave.

Here’s to many more years in this young doll, and I’m looking forward to popping by later to say ‘hello’. Have a great one May 