Live Drama

Moville Drama Group are always looking for a good drama to put on. Juno and the Paycock didn’t do as well as they had hoped.

It might be an idea to make a play about the recent Donegal Council budget vote.

It had everything – intrigue, treachery, politicking, backstabbing, a women who let her side down, trickery, and  a deadline beyond which all involved would lose their jobs.


To refresh your minds here’s what actually happened. Click on How Fine Gael and Labour outflanked Fianna Fail and Sinn Fein

The only thing they would have to be decided would be whether it should be Moville’s annual play or its annual Pantomime.

The writers would have to decide whether it should be a Drama, a Comedy or Farce.

Casting Vote

They would then have to decide who would play the parts.

Who would play Rena Donaghey who left the crucial meeting to go do a bit of teaching – with the result that her party lost the vote and they all kept their jobs?

Who would play Councillor John Campbell who voted against the budget last time but texted the Fine Gael leader just before a break in the meeting from 7pm to 8pm and who cut a deal while Rena was away teaching.

Rushing Rena

Then there’s the drama of Rena trying to get back to the meeting in her car to make the vote. There’s Sinn Fein trying to delay a vote. There’s the demand for the vote to be taken even as Rena was getting closer with every minute.

To make it more dramatic you could make it that the vote was taken as Rena was rushing up the stairs of the Council chambers. You could say it was based on a true story.


What would they call it?

Maybe, “They Think It’s All Over.”

One of the songs would be Just Walk Away Rena.

It would be a showstopper!


I think you could guarantee that it would be a sellout.

It could be taken to Carndonagh, Buncrana and Letterkenny afterwards.

There could be a movie made – and call it Grabbers 2 maybe.