Shore walk

The weather hasn’t been great for the past few days. I had intended taking a walk down the shore to see the damage to the shore path for myself.

Today was the day finally. It’s very mild and sunny today – just the kind of day for a walk along the shore.

Bathing Boxes

The main thing I saw was that there is further devastation to the bathing boxes. Another chunk of it has fallen down and it doesn’t look very safe at all.

I had intended to walk a fair way along to see all the damage and to see how easily it could be fixed.

There are Council signs warning you not walk along the shore path. However, many Movillians are now addicted to the shore walk and have ignored these as I did.

Not Far

You can’t go very far, though. Not far after the bathing boxes, i.e. at the next corner where the big white house is, the path has completely collapsed.

It is not navigable at all. You would have to go down onto the shore and it is quite a steep drop at that point.

If you were going along get down on the shore just after the bathing boxes staying well clear of the hanging masonry.


I was thinking of trying to navigate a thin path of greenery while holding on to the fence but the fence didn’t seem strong enough.

I was just wondering what my next steps would be when I saw all the FAS guys coming towards me. I decided to retrace my steps.

One of them stopped to talk to me. What was he going to say? Would he say “Can’t you read? There’s a sign back there saying No Entry”.

But no!


He sayed he wanted to thank me for the recent articles both on the shore path and the recent council budget debate.

It’s always nice to get a bit of praise and a bit of thanks. I can tell you that not  all feedback on CraicOn is positive.

One hopes that the Government release the money from the emergency fund in reasonable time. It seems that all bids for emergency funding have to be in during the next two weeks and decisions taken then.

It seems that the Council have put on for close to €60,000.

Will the Government give them it? They haven’t been in a giving mood for the past few years but maybe, as it is an emergency fund, they don’t have to cutback elsewhere to get it. It might just be sitting there for occasions like this.

We might get part of it at least.

We’ll see!