Raw Sewage DistributionWe Sent by Enda Craig.


The above map clearly demonstrates the distribution of raw untreated sewage in the event of a plant failure at the proposed Moville/Greencastle Waste Water Treatment Plant at Carnagarve.
This map was included in the RPS 2006 tidal modelling report presented to DCC and it’s consultants JB Barry and Co Ltd.
For reasons, so far unknown, it did not appear in the 2008 Environmental Impact Statement which was to include all perceived impacts on the local environment.
Don’t Know
The fact that  consultants (JB Barry and Co. Ltd) have stated they did not know why it was not included in the Environmental Impact Statement of 2008 is totally disconcerting and unacceptable and leaves the local community wondering why this massive pollution impact on our beaches, bathing waters and shoreline never made it into the final document presented to the public at large and to An Bord Pleanala for scrutiny and comment.
Enquire Call
The Community For a Clean Estuary group now demands that, at long last, our elected representatives must call for an immediate independent enquiry into the relationship between local councils and their technical consultants, notably RPS (having regard to the mc Kechnie comments in his High Court ruling of 2010).
This case must rank as an example of how environmental information involving the precautionary principle, “massaged”/omitted from the EIS presented by Donegal Co Council, keeps an unsuspecting public ignorant of significant impacts on them and makes a mockery of EU Directives.
It seems there’s history here. Enda also sent CraicOn this:-
Extract from High Court ruling by Mr Justice Liam McKechnie in 2010:
The High Court has severely criticised the four Dublin councils for ‘‘massaging’’ key reports into Dublin’s waste sector to influence the outcome of a review.
The court said that RPS, one of the country’s leading engineering firms, changed a number of draft reports to suit the stance of the councils.
The report formed the basis for the councils’ subsequent justification to vary the capital’s waste policy.
In his full judgment, which has been obtained by The Sunday Business Post, McKechnie said the reports contained comments written by the councils, indicating which parts of earlier drafts were acceptable to them.
The councils then instructed RPS to either delete or re-word those parts ‘‘that would not have supported their position’’.