Dog warning


Donegal Pet Rescue centre have issued a strong warning that dog thieves are operating in the area.

Their Facebook page says:-

In Light of the recent outbreak of Dog thief’s in the area Donegal Pet Rescue would like to ask people to take extra care of their dogs.

“We have had a number of reports of dogs being stolen or missing over the past number of weeks with many having no sightings.

Dog Stolen

“Just Yesterday Tommy Mc Cafferty’s dog Saoirse an American Akita was taken from his garden in plain daylight in the Burt area.

“Lucky for Saoirse and thanks to the power of Facebook fans sharing the story the dog was left back into her owner’s garage during the dark of night last night.

“We Encourage all pet owner to please be aware of their pets whereabouts to avoid them ending up in the wrong hands.

“We encourage anyone with a missing pet to place a photo on our facebook page were we have a dedicated album for lost and found pets, maybe someone out there could have the key to finding your pet”.


It seems that the dog had been drugged and it is now quite fearful after the ordeal. It is suspected that the dogs are used as ‘bait’ for fighting dogs to practice on.

Said Tommy McCafferty “Theres a yorkie, a springer and a black lab all lifted on my road on xmas week”.

Another dog lover said “Another 2 missing today in Buncrana”.


Advice given on the website by Lynette McGinty is “Please microchip your dogs and cats.

“When my dog was stolen from my back garden it was the microchip and Donegal pet rescue that helped us get her back so another big thank you to Donegal pet rescue + microchip your pet’s please”.