Traffic Numbers

CraicOn has gone crazy this month. It’s an ill wind that blows no one any good, they say, and so it proved with our articles and accompanying pictures and films of the storm and shore path getting us a bigger audience as people pass on the articles.

We are now getting double the numbers of page views and visitors hat we got in December.

One of our articles went viral and has now been read 8,500 times.

More Pictures

If there’s one lesson for us here it is that we should use more pictures and films. I must try to find the charger for my camera and for my video camera (or whatever they are called nowadays).

Here’s the list of articles that we have published in the past month that have been read more than 100 times. They’re not bad considering CraicOn is for one small town and one village with joint populations of less than 3,000.

Where it mentions a place like Moville or Donegal or the Welcome page that shows the number of people who clicked on that page or who entered the website at that page.

CraicOn Article reads (Page Views)

Title Views
Moville’s Shore Walk destroyed by storms 8,856
Moville 7,204
Welcome 1,973
Donegal 1,643
No Shelter From the Storm – Film of the buffeting Moville took 1,598
Home page / Archives 1,299
Martin Farren leaps into action over Moville shore walk 845
Moville’s main tourist asset destroyed in a night 702
The Day Bon Scott of AC/DC died 701
Definitive film of the flooding in Moville 691
Mini Tsunami to hit Moville this evening? 634
New pictures of flooded Moville 604
Dates for Irish DylanFest in 2014 530
River Row and Bay Field flooded as storms ravage Moville. 520
Mary Deeney’s is open for business! 441
10 Facts about new Caiseal Mara owner 434
Caiseal Mara to be open by Paddy’s Day 433
Muff ‘kicked’ for Cara! 383
Rosatos to close 332
Storm smashes its way into Moville 306
Top Irish Times journalist visits Carnagarve site 277
Sex Industry targets Moville 273
The day my daughter got caught in Rosatos 267
Muff 266
There’s a burglar on the loose in Moville 265
Mary McCauley demands action on storm damage 249
Was 3/1 Moville’s 9/11? 241
Muff house prices take a nose dive! 238
The real ‘Mrs Doyle’ lives in Muff! 237
Special talent discovered at Greencastle wedding feast 226
Shore Walk path was built using sand from the shore 184
Bouncer on duty at Butchers! 176
Pink limo ride for Moville birthday girl 175
Moville man deported from America 175
Moville Shore Path – Film of the Devastation 167
Moville boy to star with Brad Pitt in major Hollywood movie 158
Half-a-Million house now €155,000 154
How will Moville’s shore walk path get fixed? 154
The biggest bunch of tax dodgers on earth 153
The Yetis to headline Inishowen Vintage show 143
Martin Farren & Council move fast to apply for shore path money 142
DylanFest on the Lough 2014 is on in Moville 140
Alarm bells ring over Ferry and Shore Walk 138
The most crime free town in Inishowen is….. 136
Paddy the Shoe jets into Glasgow to play at 25th Wedding 132
Celebrate Water step into Shore Path breach 131
No party hats…no streamers in ‘wee bar’! 129
Coffee and Exercise at Claire the Baker’s! 127
Irish BeatlesFest 2014 Dates announced 127
Leanne Kearney wins €18,000 on Winning Streak 123
Positive Foyle Ferry meeting 118
Stop Speaking Irish says Glasgow cab driver to Donegal people 117
Donegal house prices tumbling 117
Average house prices in Moville fell €35,000 last year 113
Seven Wishes for Moville in 2014 113
Paying someone elses phone bill! 111
Crucial meeting today for future of Foyle Ferry 111
New Year’s Eve in Moville 109
Sensation as Moville girl wins fashion Oscar 106
€50,000 to fix Moville’s shore walk path 105
Muff man weds Greencastle gal on New Year’s Eve! 103
Facebook is about to become annoying 101
The Ghost’s Legs rock ‘The Rock’! 100