What a shock. Sinn Fein and Fianna Fail said that they were not going to change their minds. They were going to vote against the budget. The elected council would be dissolved and they would all be out of work.

We predicted what would happen here. You should click on this to read what we predicted

There was only one problem to the scenario that we predicted. Councillor Jack Murray was absent at the 15-13 vote against. We calculated that Independent councillor John Campbell would change his vote ‘for the good of Donegal and its citizens’.

That would make it 14-14.  Councillor McGarvey, the chairman would give his casting vote for the budget to be passed.


There was only one fly in the ointment. Councillor Jack Murray was absent at the vote. He’s a Sinn Fein councillor. that would mean that it was 15-14 against the budget if he turned up the meeting.

All the councillors would then be out of work and the Department of the Environment would run the council and Donegal would be unrepresented for 4 months.

What a Shock

Jack Murray did make it but guess what happened.

Fianna Fail’s Cllr Rena Donaghey had to leave the meeting early because of teaching commitments that she couldn’t get out of. How very convenient for her and Fianna Fail.

It was obvious to everyone that this was a meeting that would drag on. It was also the most important Council meeting of the year. Couldn’t she have got another teacher to substitute for her?

If she had managed to get there the budget would have been defeated and all Donegal’s’ councillors would have been out of a job.

She said it was because of her teaching commitments. As John McEnroe said all those years ago “you can’t be serious”.


What a joke – and entirely predictable. In fact we predicted it. How stupid do they think we are?

They were telling us that they didn’t get into politics to get a wage but to fight for the people of Donegal.

How many of you think that Rena Donaghey is now going to be severely penalised and punished by her party for not showing up for the vote?


No wonder people are getting cynical about politicians. If you can’t see through this (and we predicted it for you) you can’t see anything.

After a ‘close thing” local politicians will continue to draw their salaries and expenses.

Did you ever think they wouldn’t?

They must think we are idiots.

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