Shelter from the Storm


The recent storm surge along the Moville/Greencastle coastline is being matched with a surge of support from local community groups who are volunteering to help clean up the mess.

The surge caused considerable damage to the popular Shore Path, tearing up concrete and dumping huge quantities of plastic waste and litter onto our beaches.

There has been lots of talk about what might happen but now a number of community groups are surging back with a tide of positive, community action. 

Storm Exhibition

On Saturday January 18th, St. Eugene’s Hall will be the base to co-ordinate a clean up of the washed up waste and hold a ‘Storm Exhibition’. 

Volunteers are encouraged to come along between 10am and 2pm to pick litter. Bags, gloves and pickers will be provided by Moville Tidy Towns.

Volunteers will be allocated a section of the path and will be co-ordinated by leaders situated in 7 different sections along the shore.

Afterwards volunteers can avail of refreshments provided by the Moville Family Resource Centre and enjoy the exhibition material.


 Video Footage


The Storm Exhibition will include photographs and video footage of the storm and surge itself and the aftermath. Weather explanations will also be offered as many people wonder if these storms are becoming more frequent. 

Donegal County Council will have a Water Safety display and the effect of plastic litter on our shore will be highlighted.

Local schools and youth groups will be working towards exhibiting their viewpoints on the shore and how this has effected them. 

Martin Farren

Everyone will have the chance to contribute in the ‘Path Chat’ section where visitors can leave a comment, a drawing or just simply chat about what this event means to our community and what is the future of our path.

At 1.30pm Labour Councillor Martin Farren will give a short presentation on the progress made towards reinstating the path and the response from the Council engineers.


 Come Together


Celebrate Water member Rose Kelly says, “This is an opportunity for us to show the strength and integrity of our community and to build resilience. We all belong to the shore and the sea and we all have a part to play in responding to what the storm has brought up.” 

St. Eugene’s Hall will also be open between 7pm and 8pm on Friday night for those wishing to volunteer as co-ordinators or if any member of the community wishes to submit a photograph or video footage of the storm for use during the exhibition.


 Contact Details


All members of the community or visitors are invited to come along next Saturday.

If you wish to volunteer to help in the hall serving refreshments, at the exhibition or as a co-ordinator on the shore please contact the Family Resource Centre on 9385548 or Trish Murphy on 087 647 8183.

Any businesses that wish to contribute in any way for refreshments are asked to contact William McElhinney on 085 1053893.