Having ended up once more (just for a change) at the Squealing Pig ‘wee bar’ with the gang, we all got chatting yet again about books and such. Whilst myself and friends entered the titles of recommended reading from friends into our phone memo’s,we also got onto the topic of home baking!

Having been a full time mother and housewife for many years I agreed that home baking is definitely the best way forward for our children. But in recent years, with teaching and writing taking over my life, I must admit that home baking has taken a very serious down turn. So when a friend suggested an amazing recipe for ‘Baked Alaska’ I asked our resident barman Kevin A. if he might provide us with a sample tonight. He assured us that he could deliver such. Kevin rarely lets us down!

So we waited and we waited. We even ordered a late drink just to pass the time waiting on our ‘baked alaska’. We wouldn’t normally sit in the bar so late, and we never order a drink after hours! Ever! But 2am came around and he failed to deliver. The bar became quieter and quieter and yet he just couldn’t make the required delivery! Eventually he admitted that the said ‘order’ would not be coming! Disappointed heads all around.

So we have now decided that the ‘open fire’ in the ‘pig wee bar’ must be replaced with an oven: just to ensure that Kevin A. can deliver his promises.

So we can all look forward to a wee slice of ‘baked alaska’ next weekend. My taste buds are waiting patiently….as are many others Kevin!