A Profile

We revealed yesterday that the Caiseal Mara will be open for St.Patrick’s Day and the restaurant and bar may be open before that. It will be eagerly awaited by Movillians.

We now reveal some details about the new owner:-

1.  Although he has no hotel, bar or restaurant experience he owns his own construction company. As there is some work to be done there this should be a big advantage.

2.  He went to St.Paul’s in Dublin and studied Trade Certs at Bolton College

3.  He is a huge Dubs GAA fan

4.  He has been married for just over 12 years to an attractive wife who is the new  joint owner of the Caiseal Mara. They have four lovely children, two boys and two girls. I don’t think they’ll be the kind of hotel owners who don’t make children welcome

5.  He’s a big Celtic fan

6.  He and his family are dog lovers

7.  He is tall and dark-haired with a moustache. He would put you in mind of Paddy Kearney

8.  He drinks Heineken and buys the beers on his birthday

9.  He reads CraicOn.com. I saw a link on his Facebook page

10. He says he is very happy and has loved ever minute of his 12 year marriage and his wife says she has too.


They seem upbeat, enthusiastic, open and friendly people who will bring plenty of energy to their new task in hand of making the Caiseal Mara a big success and, as a by-product, turning Moville’s economy round.

It will be a big task but the people here will be behind them and will wish them every success.

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