After a pretty scary drive to Culdaff this morning from Muff (all in the name of football), I had well earned a good coffee by the time I returned into Carndonagh. And what better place than Claire the Baker’s to enjoy such. But I hadn’t planned on all the exercise as well!

A delicious coffee and cream cake, was well burned off before I left!! Ha. If only! A local Moville fitness guru popped in at the same time as myself on a wee break from his morning cycle. Harold had just completed 50 miles (so far as he said) and was preparing for a half hour run on his return to Moville. We all got chatting and by the time I closed my Irish Times and finished my coffee, I really felt I’d been alongside on those 50 miles with himself!

So even a simple coffee break can now turn into an exercise regime. I think he made me feel that guilty that I’ll definitely be doing a work out before the end of day today! Coffee and Exercise, what better way to start the day!!