Caiseal Mara

I have it on good information that the Caiseal Mara sale has now gone through. The lawyers had been holding it up but it is all done and dusted now.

They had originally hoped that it would be open for Christmas but it was the legal side that held it up. However, the deal is done and they hope to get it open for St. Patrick’s Day.

Indeed, it is possible that the restaurant and bar will be open before then.

Donegal Lovers

The new owners are a couple from Dublin who were in America before. They are frequent visitors to Donegal and love it here. That was one of the reasons they bought the hotel. They would like to move their family here.

That is fantastic news for the town. The Caiseal Mara (previously McNamara’s and Keaveney’s) has 48 rooms and a 30- seater function room. They also have an 80-seater function room.

Town’s Heartbeat

The more successful the Caiseal Mara is the more successful the town is.  Each person that stays there will go out and spend money in the town.

Even the other bars and restaurants will be delighted as the Caiseal Mara is like the heart which feeds the lifeblood of the town out through the arteries.

According to the Circulation of Money economic laws, each Euro brought into a town circulates an average of 6 times.

If there are more customers in a pub they might give staff more hours who may then spend it on a meal out or a trip to the hairdressers. The hairdresser might spend the extra money in Gillen’s who may spend the money on a meal out or a lick of paint etc.

Moville’s Depression

If Ireland was in recession, Moville was in Depression, with double the rate of unemployment of Ireland as a whole. Indeed Moville’s unemployment rate reached 30% – which is what American unemployment reached at the worst of the Great Depression.

We showed in an article recently that Moville’s house prices fell by 27% just last year.

A lot of this is down to the fact that Moville is a holiday town which used to have two hotels with 64 bedrooms. It now has none and none.

No Money

All that money that used to be spent here by hotel visitors is spent elsewhere now.

It made it difficult to grow the DylanFest and BeatlesFest with there being nowhere to stay. The Redcastle with its 98 rooms was fully booked during the period of the two festivals although I don’t know what percentage of that was from Beatles and Dylan fans.

It looks as if, with the Caiseal Mara about to open, that things are turning round for Moville now.


Almost everyone in Moville has been hit by this terrible recession with so many of our youngsters now in all corners of the planet to get work.

Now there is light coming through at the end of the tunnel. The Caiseal Mara is opening with all the jobs and visitors to the town that entails.

The cavalry has appeared over the faraway ridge. It will shortly be in town.

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